What can Everyday Hands do for you? If you know you need help, but aren’t sure how, consider these real-life examples of how our personalized service has fulfilled a family’s unique needs.

A Little “Everyday” Help

$65/hour, 2-hour minimum, billed at 15 minute increments after the second hour. Available as ‘a la carte’ services, or bundle together.

Alice, age 95, moved in with her son and daughter-in-law. Alice is independent with personal needs, but benefits from being checked on, having light household tasks completed for her, and simple companionship. Plus, Alice’s family found that they also benefit from the peace of mind and respite time. These services are scheduled as-needed.

Everyday Hands’ services for Alice include:

  • Bringing in the morning newspaper and mail.
  • Verbal reminder to take medications.
  • Warming meals/meal set up and clean up. (Breakfast and lunch, 1 hour each)
  • Fixing her daily cocktail and playing cards. (2 Hours)
  • Conversation and companionship!

Marilyn, age 79, lives with her daughter. She is independent with personal needs, but has become less able to meaningfully contribute to maintaining the home. In fact, when Marilyn had her knee replaced, she confidently told her health care team that Everyday Hands was part of her post-discharge home support plan!

A two-person crew spends two hours cleaning every week (4 hours total):

  • Deep clean bathrooms and kitchen
  • Change bed linens
  • Dust and vacuum
  • Take out garbage
  • Empty paper shredder
  • Clean up after pets
  • Conversation and companionship!

More Examples of A Little Help*:

  • Pick up/deliver groceries
  • Pick up/deliver lunch or dinner
  • Laundry
  • Vacuuming
  • Take pets to groomer or routine vet appointments

* Bundle tasks for full value of your billed hour!

Note: Everyday Hands is not a cleaning company. However, when light cleaning helps people to live independently, we’re happy to help!

Project Help

$65/hour, 2-hour minimum, billed at 15 minute increments after the second hour.

Jill was planning to move into assisted living, so her son hired Everyday hands to help her downsize. We brought warmth, sensitivity, and humor to helping Jill sort through her possessions, which was a large and emotional task.

The 15 hour job included:

  • Room-by-room focus, working at Jill’s pace and direction.
  • Sorting items to keep, to sell, to gift to family, to donate, or to dispose.
  • Delivering items to donation centers/arranging donation pick up.
  • Carefully packing up items to move with Jill.

Additional Project Help Examples:

  • Organize, set up/take down for your garage sale
  • Organize your basement, garage, playroom, or attic
  • Put up or take down/store indoor holiday decorations
  • Organize a closet or pantry
  • Tidy your home/grocery shop for your return from a vacation

Event Helpers

We can help with small to mid-size private or corporate events, up to 100 guests. Please contact us for a custom consultation and quote!

Alicia and Ben planned for their wedding reception in a rented Lodge at a local park. They hired Everyday Hands to keep their event running smoothly so that they and their families could enjoy sharing the happy day with their guests.

As Alicia’s and Ben’s designated hosts, we provided:

  • Set up/take down of tables and chairs
  • Set tables with linen and centerpieces
  • Set up and replenished self-serve beverages
  • Greeted and directed caterer for food logistics
  • Greeted guests
  • Replenished appetizers
  • Set up and replenished plates, cups, utensils
  • Bussed used plates
  • Collected and removed empty bottles and cans
  • Collected and discarded garbage throughout the event
  • Wiped down tables and chairs
  • Left Lodge in compliance with usage agreement
  • Kept the bride on schedule!

This event valued at $750. Each event will be quoted according to the scope of your needs.

Corporate Assistance

$65/hour, 2-hour minimum, billed at 30 minute increments after the second hour.

Everyday Hands brings to our corporate clients the feel of personalized service that they pass on to their clients and employees.

  • Twice weekly delivery and arrangement of fresh fruit trays and flowers in employee break room.
  • Client appreciation deliveries
  • Shopping for and stocking office kitchen supplies
  • Pick up food/clean up for a group lunch
  • Assistance at holiday or summer picnic parties (see Event Staffing)

Everyday Hands is here to help you to live your life or conduct your business with the kind of extra care you would expect from a trusted friend or family member. Let’s talk about how we can help you get more done, use your own time more efficiently, or how we can simply be the way you make your life work better. Please note that all services have a one hour minimum.

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