Lauren and her team have been great to work with! They are very friendly and very helpful. We would recommend them to our family and friends.

Pat & Carl F.

Lauren and her team through Everyday Hands have been taking my parents to and from their medical appointments for the last few years. They are very reliable and dependable. They have always gotten my parents to their appointments on time. While in their care, the team is very attentive to my parent's needs and safety is their top priority! In addition, if my brother and I are unable to join the appointment via phone, they have provided very thorough notes and open communication regarding the outcome of the appointment. On several occasions, there have been last minute appointment changes and the team has readjusted their schedule to accommodate our needs. I know that my parents are in very good hands with Lauren and her team! I have greatly appreciated the wonderful care and assistance they have provided our family over these last few years!

Cheryl L.

While recovering from a debilitating injury, Lauren has taken me to many medical appointments and errands--which has involved not only driving me places but also pushing me in and out of them in a wheelchair. She is very conscientious and dependable, always getting me everywhere safely and on time. She also has a very positive and friendly attitude and a high degree of professionalism. I can highly recommend Lauren to anyone who needs the type of assistance I’ve needed.

Bob A.

Lauren is a fantastic companion for the elderly. She has helped my 92-year old father in a variety of ways, from taking him to the eye doctor, to going with him on long drives in the country, to being a friendly visitor after he moved into a nursing home. She is a great combination of a “can do spirit” and a warm heart. I live out of town and she has been an important part of my father’s care plan. Knowing that she is available to regularly check on him and cover unexpected needs give me great peace of mind.


For 2+ years I have hired Lauren Goetz; every visit was unique. She is trustworthy, reliable, flexible. And fun to work with. I continue her services. During illness she has been a positive support. Lauren has keen organizational skills, neutral approach, and ability to tailor work to Individual needs.

Nancy D.

Living far away from our Mother and not being able to visit as often as desired, Everyday Hands provides our family with the peace of mind that our mother’s needs are being cared with kindness.

Mark S.

Only the best of praises for Lauren! Not only has she given our family a neat and organized home, but she helped us to (finally) get rid of the clutter and have that garage sale we had been trying to have for the past two years! Lauren is excellent at what she does! She has wonderful ideas, plus she's motivated and caring! Lauren really put her heart and soul into working with my family! I'm so glad we "found" her!​

Anne K.

Lauren Goetz is a creative, reliable and friendly worker, who can be counted on to do a very capable job. She has a positive attitude towards whatever she undertakes. You will definitely be happy with the results!! If your closets needs cleaning, the garden needs weeding, piles of papers need filing, Lauren's work will leave you smiling!

Eileen J.

My wife has ALS and I have little time to do this myself. Lauren came to the house and did a very good spring cleaning. We are going to have her once a month too!

John L.

My husband and I recently moved to a senior living facility in Rochester. Having Lauren Goetz support our independent living has been a great help to us. She is a bright, capable, hard-working young woman who always does her best at whatever task she does. Lauren is multi-talented and can cook, clean, shop, or garden. No job is too big or too small for her. She sees a need and automatically does it without being asked. Above all, Lauren is compassionate toward those of us who need extra support in daily living, I would give her the highest recommendation possible to anyone who is fortunate enough to employ her.

Ellen H.

Lauren has a great personality, does an excellent job and is overall delightful.

Cyril C.

Lauren is a wonderful person. She is great with people of all ages and provides much-needed services that help maintain an individual's independence in the community and home.

Jeffrey J.

Lauren and her team at Everyday Hands are a breath of fresh air! They always make time regardless of how last minute I wait to contact them for their services. In addition, I am always thoroughly pleased with the various work they complete for myself and my family. It is clear that Lauren and her team truly care about the people they help and that truly can be seen in the assistance they provide to all of their clients!!

Melissa R.

Lauren is a true professional, she helps us monthly with cleaning our office. We appreciate her diligence and attention to detail. Lauren is trustworthy, as a business owner I am never concerned with leaving Lauren in the office during off hours. I would highly recommend Lauren for any interior cleaning needs and organization services.

Megan M.

First Impressions are everything.... I met Lauren just the other day and I would be confident after speaking with her to say that I would choose her to help a loved one to stay in their home longer!

Jared K.

If I could do more than 5*, I would! Lauren and her team were exceptionally wonderful. They arrived on time. They accommodated my last minute DESPERATE request! 🙂 and they came to my door smiling. They were friendly, they are professional, efficient, and get the job done, and left my house SPARKLING! I would recommend them to anyone. They are phenomenal and deserve the good word about them to be told to all! Thank you Everyday Hands!!!

Kaitlyn M.

My go-to company for an “Extra Set of Hands” – Each time we have utilize Lauren or Mary, I know with confidence, the task at hand will be done efficiently, professionally and with a great attitude. Great price, great service – run, don’t walk to contact them if you need assistance for you, your business or a loved one!

Pamela I.

Lauren has a caring and engaging personality and she was a delight to have on my radio show! She shares a wealth of tips to keep your life humming along, no chore will she ignore! I wouldn't hesitate to refer Lauren or any of her team to my family and friends

Joanna P.

Everyday Hands is a girls Secret Weapon! She made my house sparkle and pass Mother-in-Law inspection. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Rebecca M.

This is just to say that I truly appreciated having Mary work with me packing things I’ll be taking with me when I move. Mary has such a pleasant personality. I’d recommend her to anybody needing help.

Pamela E.

We hired Everyday Hands to be the 'hands' for our daughter's graduation party, it was the smartest decision we made! They were a dynamo; refilling food etc, cleaning plates, emptying garbage, you name it!

Terri C.

Lauren has tremendous passion for helping people and making their lives easier. She is a person who can really get stuff done no matter how challenging or unglamorous it may be. Unlike other companies, Lauren and Everyday Hands is owner-operated which allows them the ability to personalize their interactions with every customer. You won’t be disappointed!

Jennifer W.

Everyday Hands is anything but an “everyday” service. Lauren and Mary bring their consistently sunny energy to my home, efficiently cleaning, changing linens and doing other quality of life things that help make it possible for me to continue living in my house. I am so grateful that I found Everyday Hands!

Michelle E.

Everyday Hands has been a God send for us. We were able to go away for three nights and not worry about my 94-year-old mother-in-law. She was in great hands!

Deborah C.

I hired Lauren to help with cleaning while I’m recovery from surgery. She did a fantastic job and was a tremendous help. If you need assistance once in a while, or on a regular basis, give Everyday Hands a call. Honest, hard-working and dependable!

Susan S.

Lauren is a firecracker - I mean that in the best possible way. Her energy amazes me! If you need a task done and done well, you can count on her. The great thing is though, that with all her fiery energy, she's also incredibly caring and genuine. The way she's able to focus with laser-like efficiency on completing the task at hand while also taking the time to be a warm and empathetic human being is truly an incredible skill! If you want something done well and quickly by a person who will make you laugh and smile, Lauren is absolutely the person for the job. I highly recommend Everyday Hands.

Kelly K.

Lauren has been working with my 91 year old mother and my mom says she's a winner!! Lauren helps her with whatever project she comes up with. She also shops, cleans ,organizes, drives her places. Lauren has a great sense of humor and puts a smile on my mom's face. I would highly recommend her.

Tara D.

I met Lauren Goetz when she first started Everyday Hands. I have watched as she took Everyday Hands from a great idea to a viable, successful enterprise. What sets her apart is the kindness, caring and compassion that she brings to all of her clients, along with her meticulous attention to detail and endless flow of positive energy. I know her to be a woman of high moral character and integrity. I trust that Everyday Hands employees also meet or exceed the rigorous standards that Lauren sets forth. I have used Everyday Hands services and found Lauren to be easy to work with and, most especially, reliable. My "extra hands" showed up on time and delivered the agreed upon services swiftly, completely and with a great attitude. Because of my positive experience, I have even gifted Everyday Hands service to others. I highly recommend Lauren and the Everyday Hands staff!

Linda H.

Lauren Goetz is amazing!! ???? We called her 3 days before my daughter’s high school graduation party to ask for a little back-up with prep, service, clean-up, etc. so that we could enjoy the 120+ guests and the rain... Lauren was fantastic, arriving an hour before the party to help coordinate all the details and take the worries off my shoulders. She was intuitive and needed no guidance or supervision. She did all that I would have done but didn’t have to because I was out in the yard enjoying the party!! ???? I even forgot that I was the hostess for a while. Somehow, Lauren even stopped the rain!! ???? Thanks a million!!!

Nicole M.

OMG I am tired. But I cannot say enough good things about Lauren Goetz/Everyday Hands getting ready to move. It’s all downhill from here and I am so in love with my new house 🙂

Sara S.

Lauren helped in my final stages of packing up my house in preparation for downsizing and moving. She packed stuff, she helped me purge a whack of stuff, she delivered electronic recycling and donations all over the place, and she was a lot of fun to hang with through the whole experience. I don’t hesitate to recommend her services!